Friday, January 2, 2009

9 New Trends for 2009!

A New Year means a lot of New Trends in fashion . . . and out with some old trends. Here are my top predictions for fashion in 2009! I'm listing them now, and look for expanded entries about each trend over the coming weeks. . .with more detail and examples.

2009 Trend #1: RED -- I believe that RED will be a hot color for 2009. Starting off in the Spring as a Fuchsia Red. . .and transforming into more of a Brick Red for the Fall.

2009 Trend #2: Bold Accessories -- Accessories were bold this fall, but expect even more over-the-top jewelry and shoes for 2009. The bigger the better with jewelry, and watch for overly ornate, statement shoes as well.

2009 Trend #3: Decorative zippers -- no more hidden zippers; now zippers are used as a decorative detail. From exposed, to contrasting fabric trim, zippers will be a focal point for the back of shirts as well as dresses.

2009 Trend #4: High Waisted -- I know this was a trend in 2008, however it is taking a change for 2009. Instead of tight high-waisted skirts, pants and shorts - the trend is shifting towards loose, voluminous bottoms that are belted at the waist.

2009 Trend #5: Structured Mini-Skirts -- Hemlines are short for spring. . .but a tight mini-skirt is out. This Spring the mini-skirt is all about volume and structure, made of heavier fabrics which hold their shape.

2009 Trend #6: Ruffles, Tucks and Pleats -- Detailing will add interest to clothing. Look for details such as large ruffles, pin-tucking and pleats.

2009 Trend #7: Oversize floral prints -- Large floral prints were noticeable on the runway this season. Look for large floral prints on skirts, dresses and blouses this season.

2009 Trend #8: 70's Inspired -- Look for 70's inspired colors, shapes and fabrics in clothing this year.

2009 Trend #9: Rompers -- Rompers and jumpers graced the runway for Spring. . .and can be a VERY difficult look to pull off. Remember, just because it's a trend. . .doesn't mean it's for you!