Friday, October 30, 2009

Tantalizing Trend #8: Jumpsuits

A rather controversial trend - the jumpsuit is one of those items that you either love, or hate. It is also a look that is extremely difficult to pull off, however, when worn correctly can exude a feeling of chicness. Sister to the jumpsuit is the romper, a short version of a jumpsuit. The romper can still be worn well into fall with long sleeve versions, or by donning a pair of tights.


With this trend, there is a fine line between the best-dressed and worst-dressed list. Follow these simple rules to insure your spot on the best-dressed side.

Rule 1: Choose a loose fit, there is nothing worse then a tight jumpsuit creating the dreaded camel-toe effect.

Rule 2: It's all about the fabric. Now is not the time to skimp in the fabric department. Select a jumpsuit made of flowing silk, or a heavier cotton. Steer clear of anything with spandex in it or the look will go from chic to cheap.

Rule 3: Wide or strait leg is the way to go. There are VERY few people who can pull of a jumpsuit with a skinny leg. Keeping the leg line streamline with a wide leg will make you look long and lean.

Rule 4: Consider a belt. Help break up the solidness of a jumpsuit, and define your waist by adding a belt. Whether thick or thin, the belt should accent the outfit, and not be the focus.

Rule 5: Choose the color or pattern wisely. The safest way to go is by selecting a dark color such as black, navy or brown. Bolder colors and prints can look nice as a romper, however they are too much on a jumpsuit.

Rule 6: Two-tone. To soften the look of a jumpsuit or romper, consider one that mixes two different fabrics or colors. This gives the appeal of separates, while still being one piece.

Rule 7: Simple accessories. The jumpsuit is a focal point enough, without adding crazy accessories to the mix. Stick with a simple clutch, long earrings, and a nice metallic heel to finish the look.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Equally as comfortable, and definitely more chic, the riding boot offers the perfect alternative to the very passe UGG snow boot. Although I do still see a lost soul, or two, running about town in a beloved pair of UGG boots, the general opinion is that UGG's are 2 years ago over.

So it is time to invest in a new kind of comfortable, go anywhere boot. The casual structure and detailing on a riding boot makes it the perfect candidate to replace the UGG. They can be worn with just about anything, from jeans to leggings, and even a dress with tights. Better yet, there are a wide variety of styles, colors and heel heights available to match your taste.

This post was inspired originally by a friend who came to me with a unique problem, she has been searching for a pair of riding boots, but due to a slight vertical challenge, can't seem to find a pair that are short enough to allow her legs to bend. At 5'9" myself, it had never occurred to me that this could, in fact, be a common problem. Therefore, just for those of you who are on the shorter side, rows 3 & 4 below feature boots with a shorter shaft length (under 14 inches). Keep this in mind when shopping for other boots as well: avoid over the knee boots as they will make you look even shorter. Opt instead for ankle and mid-calf boots.


Now that I have provided you with a vast array of UGG alternatives, please repeat the below Oath:

I vow to never, ever, to where UGG boots with a dress, or skirt, no matter how comfortable they may be. I vow the only wear my UGG's in the comfort of my own home, wearing them in public only for the following acceptable reason: taking out the dog or trash, a midnight trip to the grocery store for ice cream or a trip to the doctor's office after having come down with H1N1.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Tantalizing Trend #7: Ruffles

Making their debut as a trend in Fall 2008, ruffles have made their way to one of the top trends for Fall 2009. From subtle, to bold and everything in between, this girlie adornment can add instant appeal to an otherwise blase garment. Contrarily, you may also end up looking like an 80's wedding cake topper if you don't exercise restraint.

This season expect to see ruffles adorn everything from dresses, to bags, and even boots. Maintain a chic and sophisticated ensemble by mixing ruffles with tailored, edgier pieces. Experiment by mixing leather with frilly ruffles for a fashion forward take an this romantic trend.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Update Your Wardrobe

Fave bloggers Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr of Who What Wear posted an inspiring video blog Monday regarding what key pieces will help update a current wardrobe for this season. Bloomingdales sponsored the video, which showcased a fabulous leopard coat by Aqua, and knee high boots.

Using Katherine and Hillary's suggestions, I thought I would add a few more items to the list. An earlier blog of mine details all of the top trends for fall, but it is not always reasonable to stock your wardrobe with ALL of the trends of the season. There are a few fool proof items that you can buy each Fall which will help bring your current wardrobe up to speed.

A New Coat


Invest each season in a new coat that can be worn for a multitude of occasions. The above options are all unique choices that incorporate a trend of the season. Option 1 is a classic shape with a ruffle collar that adds interest. Option 2 is a more daring choice, which incorporates the fur trend of the season. Option 3 is a bold color that is sure to turn heads.

A Pair of Fall Footwear


As mentioned in a previous post, boots are THE footwear of choice this fall. Pick your favorite style and make them your main investment for the season. Choose a pair that stands out in some way, be it detailing, shape, color or fabrics. Make your boots the focal point of your outfit.

A New Pair of Pants


Victoria's Secret * Banana Republic * Bop

Each season pant trends change - maybe it is the fit (hello skinny jeans!), or maybe it is the fabric. Any of the above pants incorporates a key trend of the season. Topping my list is a pair of perfectly fitted leather pants. If leather isn't for you, try uber-luxurious fabric - velvet. Another favorite pant for fall is the harem pant - although don't expect to see me sporting them around town.

A New Bag


An easy update, a new bag can add a little flare to your wardrobe. This season make it speak with a sequin bag, which is a great way to incorporate the sequin trend into your existing wardrobe.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Alluring Accessories

The simplest way to update an outfit? Accessories! And this season accessories are huge. Literally. Shoes are higher, necklaces are bigger and bags are more over-sized than ever. That doesn't mean that the price tag has to be big.

Bargain retail favorite, Forever21, offers up an ample array of adornments at affordable prices. The collection of jewelry, cloches, scarves and belts exceed expectations with many well made pieces which look more costly than their low price tag suggests.

When it comes to accessories, splurging on a few well made, designer pieces may appeal to some, but I prefer to stock up on a variety of items at lower prices, giving me a larger selection.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tantalizing Trend #6: Strong Shoulders

Powerful, sharp and strong - these are all adjectives used to describe shoulders on the Fall 2009 runways. Bringing the 80's back, shoulders make a bold statement with jackets, shirts and dresses alike.

Once again, fall favorite Balmain wowed on-lookers with a slew of jackets and dresses with strong shoulders. However, this trend made it's way into collections both on and off the runway, making it a guilty splurge, or an affordable find, depending on one's discretion.

Spring 2010 shows also brought traces of shoulder pads, making this trend more than just a one season wonder.


For the more fashion conservative - work this trend into your wardrobe through a jacket or dress with otherwise classic lines.

The fashionista's out there have endless possibilities with this trend. Try recreating it on your own with a loose tee or turtleneck that you add shoulder pads to.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tantalizing Trend #5: One-Shoulder

A favorite for fall, asymmetrical necklines and one-shoulder apparel should be on your must-have list. This is a trend that comes and goes every few years, making it one worth the splurge. Once this trend gets the cold shoulder, store it in the back of your closet for a few seasons until it is once again en vogue.

Shoulders are often referred to as an erogenous zone on women, and this season there is no sexier way to bare your shoulders than to leave one completely uncovered. A one-shoulder tee adds instant style and sex appeal, even when thrown on for a casual outing with jeans. For cocktail hour, take the look to a new level with a one-shoulder, long sleeve dress.

To accessorize, leave the necklace at home, and rock a glam pair of earrings, with a few dainty bangles. For day or for night, a clutch is a better choice than a shoulder bag, keeping the shoulder line simple.


Friday, October 2, 2009

Tantalizing Trend #4: Boyfriend Wear

It started with boyfriend cardigans, then the boyfriend blazer was introduced. With the appearance of the boyfriend jean on the fashion scene, it's pretty clear that boyfriend wear is a definite trend this season. 


Row 1: Aqua Satin Blazer   Zoa Tee     

So what exactly is boyfriend wear? Boyfriend wear is clothing made to be a little roomy, and cut more for mans shape. This isn't saying to go out and borrow your boyfriends clothes, unless you pretty much wear the same size. Clothing made to be "boyfriend wear" is still cut with a female in mind, and unlike your boyfriends clothes, shouldn't look sloppy on. 

The great thing about this trend is that is a comfortable, fashion forward way to do casual. Throwing on any element of boyfriend wear is a great way to dress down any outfit; even a cocktail dress becomes more casual when worn with a boyfriend blazer or cardi. 

The key to pulling off this casual trend is mixing boyfriend wear with feminine, fitted elements. If you are wearing slouchy boyfriend jeans add a fitted cashmere sweater on top. Likewise, an over-sized boyfriend shirt looks fierce with skinny jeans or leggings.