Friday, January 30, 2009

2009 Trend #2 - Bold Accessories

Accessories were bold for fall. . .well expect bigger and bolder for Spring! Necklaces are making big statements, and shoes are wilder than ever! This trend is really taking off thanks to the down turned economy. Adding bold, new accessories is a cheap and easy way to update a look from past seasons!


This Spring take a plain white cotton dress and add a statement necklace, bold shoes and a bright colored clutch and take your fabulous self out for the evening! There is still the danger of over accessorizing though! When it comes to accessories I like to follow the rule of 2: meaning 2 eye catching accessories per outfit. Choose a bold necklace and belt, but the keep the shoes, bag and bracelets toned down a little. Or opt for oversize earrings and bracelets, but keep the rest more subdued. Bags in python prints are especially popular this season!

If you are trying to keep an eye on the wallet this season, opt for fun, bold accessories that you can mix with the clothes that you already have! A GREAT place to find awesome jewelry is Estate Sales! You can find these listed in your local paper or on Craigslist! My friends and I have found a lot of amazing necklaces, cufflinks and rings for just a few dollars at estate sales! And you are sure to have a one of a kind piece as most of the jewelry is costume jewelry from past decades!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And now for the GOWN. . . .


Michelle Obama chose a white gown designed by Taiwan born, Manhattan based designer Jason Wu. I thought the color looked great on her. . .and I love that she chose something one shoulder. Past that, I hate to have to say that I am disappointed in Michelle's Inaugural Ball Gown choice. 

I think that there are other one shoulder gowns that might have been more flattering. . .and the flower looking details aren't my favorite either. Don't get me wrong. . .I think Michelle is beautiful. . .but I just think SO many other styles could have been better. 

I do have to give Michelle A LOT of credit for continuously choosing lesser known designers. . .I respect her for not going the easy route with big name, high fashion labels.

Bottom line . . . I'm disappointed in the choice, however, as long as Michelle feels beautiful, thats what matters the most. 

And what did my readers think that Michelle should have worn??? 


The Monique Lhuillier gown was the favorite among my readers. . .I have to agree that it would have been a better choice!

Ahoy Matey!

One of my friends just sent me an e-mail with an amazing Michael Kors dress that is her #1 wish for Spring this year! It incorporates the red and blue combination that I touched on earlier this week! 


I have to agree. . .I LOVE it! The seemingly simple dress gets more complex the more you see of it. . .and I just love anything with a unique back to it. That ensures that people stare at you as you walk away!

I could totally see Carrie from Sex and The City wearing this. . .but the body conscious beware. Between the fabric, length and horizontal stripes, this is one hard dress to pull off!

And the Inauguration Day Dress is. . . .


According to Perez Hilton, Michelle Obama's (MO) Inauguration Day Dress was made by Cuban American designer Isabel Toledo. Toledo received her degree from New York Fashion Institute of Technology and worked as the creative director at Anne Klein for a while. Toledo has been designing under her own name for 20 years, and is married to fashion illustrator Ruben Tuledo. Tuledo's designs are available at Barney's New York.

Throughout Obama's campaign, he expressed the importance of improving relations with Cuba, which could have had some influence on MO's Inauguration Dress choice. 

So back to the dress. . . .I am not very impressed with the selection. I like it in theory. . .yellow is a popular color for Spring 2009, and flattering on MO. And I really love the fabric of the dress. . .but the way it fits Michelle is all wrong.

The neckline of this confuses me as well. What is the jewelry thing doing up there? And is she wearing some sort of cardigan or scarf attached? I'm not so sure what is going on there. The coat seems a little big, and baggy. . .and the lining looks cheap to me. The worst part for me is the SHOES!!

Overall I have to say that this look is a total miss for MO. It makes her look matronly and larger than she is. What do YOU think of this look?

Monday, January 19, 2009

2009 Trend #1 - RED

First -- I apologize for my long absence from blogging. . .I have been in the process of moving, setting up internet, etc. 

Now. . .on to elaborating on my 1st predicted Fashion Trend of 2009 - the color red. 

I've noticed over the years that I will tend to suddenly gravitate toward one color. . .and the next thing I know it's the "it" color the following season. Well. . .this fall I began to gravitate toward the color red. Well, what do you know. . .Pantone releases it's color trends. . .and right at the top is Fuchsia Red for Spring!

This is a great color as it is flattering on a variety of skin tones. . .and really makes a statement. With a color like red, you do need to be careful not to over-do it! You can incorporate this color into your look in a variety of ways. . .from making it the lead character with a fabulous red dress, or giving it a supporting role as a clutch or shoe. 

Check out these fabulous red finds below:


Clockwise from top left:
Reem Acra . Oscar de la Renta . Searle . Black Halo . Marc by Marc Jacobs . Nanette Lepore . Tweezerman . Christian Louboutin . DVF

So what colors go well with red? Red is a pretty vibrant color. . .so you don't want to mix it with too many other colors. . .but it surprisingly can be mixed with almost any color. Red and turquoise-blue is a favorite combination of mind. It gives a very tropical, exotic vibe. Red and yellow also go nicely, although you have to be careful of looking too "mustard and ketchup". 

Red and green may start to look a little too holiday. . .lean toward a more yellowy lime green for this combination. Red also of course goes with any of the neutrals such as black, white and brown. Try Red and Navy for a nautical look! 

I expect Red to be a front runner for Fall 2009 as well. . .look for darker, rich red tones!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fashion Colors - SPRING 2009

As I mentioned in my 9 Trends for 2009. . .I see red as being a key color in fashion this year. Pantone is the world leader for colors, not just for fashion, but for graphic design and interiors as well. Fashion designers use Pantone's color system to specify colors they use in their collection. Each season Pantone releases color swatches of the selected colors for the upcoming season. 

Below are the color swatches for Spring 2009!

Pantone expands upon it's color predictions with the following,


Monday, January 12, 2009

Best and Worst of the Golden Globes!

I LOVE award season! In fact -- I'm planning to have an Oscars party with my best girls - a night of champagne, girl talk, and voting for best and worst dressed! Pay attention to what you see on the red carpet though. . .as this typically sets the tone for trends of the season!

At the Golden Globes there were several trends that stood out:
1. White
2. Ruffles
3. One-shoulder
4. Statement Necklaces

Look for these trends to show up on evening and cocktail gowns alike! Like something you see? Check out Edress Me for celebrity inspired gowns! Faviana and ABS by Allen Schwartz are two designers known for mass producing celebrity inspired gowns. 

Check out the red carpet gowns in the slide show below and be sure to vote for BEST and WORST dressed!

Eva Mendez and Eva Longoria Parker tie for best dressed in my book! Both women were perfectly styled from hair, to gown choice, to jewelry. I also thought that Olivia Wilde's lavender Reem Acra gown was a fabulous choice for her! Beyonce, Debra Messing and Sandra Bullock also deserve an honorable mention!

On the worst dressed side, I have to say I am disappointed with Renee Zellweger's choice. Renee typically chooses beautiful gowns, landing her on the best dressed list. This time however, she is definitely a miss. . .although I give her credit for taking a fashion risk- the mark of a true fashionista! Cameron Diaz, Freida Pinto, Jenna Fisher also left a lot to be desired. But, my worst dressed award goes to Drew Barrymore - who looked a little like she arrived on the red carpet after a night of partying in her gown. 

Who gets your vote?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Your Slip is Showing

Oops. . .your slip is showing! Well, here is a slip that is MEANT to be shown! Your Slip is Showing is a new line of woman's apparel whose philosophy is bred from intimacy: "We dress you from the inside out, and the outside in, We offer flirtatiously embellished slips to be worn interchangeably under our playfully interpreted classic dresses and skirts."

Your Slip is Showing has two different lines of slips: Madam! Slips (which are MY favorite) and Oops! Slips. The Madam! Slips are much more ornate, where as the Oops! Slips are more subdued with pretty, feminine detailing. 

1. Madame! Feather Slip    2. Oops! Sand Garden Slip       3. Madame! Salt and Pepper Slip  4. Oops! Pink Ice Slip

I am lusting after every slip in the collection! I think they are such a fun, unique way to create one of a kind looks! Update a boring dress or skirt by adding one of these slips under it. . .and "bam", a whole new look! These are especially great to throw on under a dress or skirt after work and go meet some friends for drink. The possibilities are endless! 

I've looked for any other slips I can find that are even remotely similar to these, but this seems to be a one-of-a-kind find! Currently these slips are only available at a few stores nationwide, but they are available for purchase at Your Slip is Showing online!

Available in store:


Nikki Laura

Billy's Fashion





Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Which Gown Should Michelle Wear to the Inaugural Ball?

Inauguration day is just around the corner, set to take place on January 20, 2009. All eyes are on Michelle Obama in anticipation as to what she will wear to the Inaugural Ball. Historically first ladies inauguration wardrobes have made statements about themselves, as well as the times in which we are living. The Boston Herald has an extremely interesting article detailing the history of the First Ladie's Inaugural Gowns.

Designers from across the globe have sent in sketches of designs exclusively for Michelle Obama, but she is yet to announce which design she will be wearing. We may just have to wait until Inauguration night to find out. In the meantime, we can all speculate about which gown she may choose.

In general, I believe that the gown should definitely be made by an American Designer. Also, given the times, I think that it should not be too flashy, or overly ornate; which fits in perfectly with Michelle's simple, young and fresh style.

Below is a slide show of some of the top designers sketches for the First Lady Elect. Which do you think that she will wear? Vote for your favorite below!

View all the designer images at WWD

I think that the Diane Von Furstenburg is fabulous, perfect for Michelle Obama's style and features, and very chic without being flashy. That one gets my vote. . .and she is also an American Designer, which is important to me! I could also see Michelle in the Michael Kors or Elie Tahari's gown. I guess we may just have to wait until the 20th to see which, if any of them, she chooses!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2 More Drop Fashion Week

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Betsey Johnson, Vera Wang and Carmen Marc Valvo all opted out of showing their collections at New York Fashion Week this Spring. Now Monique Lhuillier and Naeem Khan won't be showing either.


According to Paul Wilmot, whose public-relations firm Paul Wilmot Communications represents both brands, the designers will be hosting smaller, more private shows instead. Although previous designers have cited the economy as their reasoning, Wilmot insists that this is not the reason for the change for Lhuillier and Khan. Instead, Wilmot says the designers wanted to try a new approach to selling clothing. The more intimate setting will allow buyers and guests an upclose a personal look at the designs, as well as a chance to meet and talk to the designers.

Although I think that Fashion Week is an incredible event, I do agree that shifting to a different format could yield some positive reactions. This format is a throwback to the original fashion shows when designers such as Coco Chanel used to host small, intimate viewings of their latest collections. This makes the event much more about the clothes, and not so much about the hype surrounding it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

OMG! 2 Hour sale NOW!

Bluefly is having an AMAZING 2 hour only (1 more hour left!) Sale on Versace handbags!!!! Get handbags that were $2000-$5000 for only $499!!!!!!!!! They still have amazing bags left! Go now!!!!

Also. . . until midnight 50% off designer accessories!


An American in Paris

As I mentioned previously, I spent Saturday in Old Town Alexandria, VA. While exploring I stumbled upon a fantastic boutique called An American in Paris.


Upon entering the small boutique I was greeted by owner Joelle Solimano, a petite french woman with a love for beautiful clothing. Raised in Avingnon, a province in the South of France, Joelle was destined to love clothing. Her father is an Italian native who grew up near Milan, Italy. Joelle moved to Alexandria 15 years ago, and opened her boutique 10 years ago.

Joelle explained to me how to browse through her clothing, pointing to a sign which read, "Due to the delicate fabrics, browse throughout the store by grabbing the hangers, not the garments." Only one sample of each item hangs in the store, with additional sizes in the back room where Joelle will grab it for you. This allows shoppers to browse items easily, without digging through various sizes. . .and allows Joelle to display hundreds of items in her tiny space.

Top Left image:
far left dress: Nicole Miller Collection
purple handbag: Deepa Gurnani
far right purple dress (a favorite): Black Halo

When taking a look around the store you will see wall to wall clothing, with little attention paid to decor. Joelle takes pride in her clothing. . .and to her, the clothes are the decoration. Joelle describes her boutique as an original french boutique where you can find one of a kind pieces.

2 dresses on left:
Joelle's pick for favorite dresses
Both Nicole Miller Collection

Top Right Image (my fave items in the store!)
Dress: Julie Haas
Necklace: David Aubry

I chatted with Joelle about her personal style, and her thoughts for trends for the Spring. Joelle describes her style as eclectic and quirky, with a classic touch and believes clothing should be able to be worn for multiple seasons. When selecting for her store she looks for timeless pieces made of the best fabric. . .and searches out European Designers or American Designers with European roots.

Joelle's predictions for Spring:

1. Color: Salmon
2. Detailing: Fringe
3. Separates - mix and match suit separates, lots of pants, layering

Left image:
I LOVE this look!
Dress: Tibi (note the button detailing at shoulder!)
Belt: Streets Ahead
Bag: Pa Tou Tou

Headband: Deepa Gurnani
Necklace: David Aubry

Joelle tip: If you are going to wear pearls that aren't real, wear pearls that have some interest to them.

Joelle stocks her store with lots of Black Halo, Nicole Miller Collection, Tibi, Milly and other European designers. What I loved most about the store, and Joelle was her LOVE of every article of clothing in the store. She buys exactly what she would want to wear, and is clearly passionate about clothing. She also has some of the best prices you will find on clothing, many items are up to $100 cheaper than you might find elsewhere.

Shopping at An American in Paris is like browsing through a closet. . .and I certainly wish that it was my closet! If you're in Alexandria, be sure to stop by. . .and if you live in the DC area, make a trip out to Alexandria to check out this gem!

An American in Paris
1225 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

Monday, January 5, 2009

I want it. . .and I want it delivered!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Black Halo. It's been on my style radar for a while. . .I always like the designs. . .but I've never paid too much attention to it. Which is strange really, because Black Halo designs have a tendency to grace magazine covers on a monthly basis. This season Black Halo is now one of my favorite Collections! What I love most about Black Halo is that their designs combine a classic look, with a sexy flair, and interesting detailing. Their pieces are timeless, without being boring.

Without further adieu. . .I present to you. . .my obsession for Spring. One of my MUST HAVES for the season.


I LOVE the classic shape of this dress, yet the interesting ruffle detailing around the neck and bust. Even more I love the beautiful powder blue color, contrasted with the red skinny belt! PERFECTION!

This dress is the perfect addition for any closet because of it's timeless characteristics. This is sure to be worn for seasons to come!

So who can wear this dress? This dress is certainly a figure conscious one. . .and you can bet I'll definitely be throwing a pair of Spanx under this one! Believe it or not though, this dress will work for a variety of figures.

An hourglass figure would obviously be a knock out in the dress, but be careful the dress hugs the curves just right. . .just not too tight! Hourglass figures have to be careful, because their body shape screams sex appeal. . .although a little sexy is good. . .you don't want to come across as a full on sex kitten!

If you are more of a pear shape, this dress can be flattering as well. . .just make SURE it's not too tight across the rear. . .consider going up a size from your norm. The volume in the chest and shoulders can help to balance a pear shape.

This would also be flattering on someone with a tall, strait figure. The belt and the volume in the chest help to add some shape to a strait frame. Equally, even if you are on the short side, the high-waist on this dress will help to visually elongate the legs. If you are on the short side have the dress hemmed just above the knee to make your legs look even longer.

I think I will have to find some room in my closet for this one this Spring!

Alexandria the Great

I spent the holidays in Washington, DC visiting my boyfriend and his family. Saturday my boyfriend and I went to Old Town Alexandria, just outside of DC for the day. I fell in love.

Old Town Alexandria has an abundance of charm, culture and places to explore! King Street, the main street in Alexandria starts at the Potomac River Waterfront, and goes inward toward downtown Alexandria. Along King Street you can find unique boutiques, antique stores, restaurants, salons. . .and strangely enough. . .several wig stores! Above the store fronts are gorgeous condos and town homes for Old Town residents.


We went for the day. . .but Alexandria is the PERFECT place for a weekend away! There is SO much to do, that one day just isn't enough. Wake up and have breakfast on the waterfront, explore King Street and catch a movie. Try taking the free trolley around to see more, or ride around in a horse drawn carriage ride!

While we didn't have the time to do that, I DID find a 2 GREAT boutiques you have to stop by!


The first one is An American in Paris. Owner Joelle Solimano moved to Alexandria from the South of France 15 years ago, and opened her store 10 years ago. It is truly a unique find. Joelle spoke with me for a while about her fashion sense, how she selects pieces for her store, and some her favorite pieces. Look for more on An American in Paris tomorrow!

After leaving An American in Paris we continued up King Street and found a charming little family owned Italian restaurant called Pines of Florence. It was real, home style Italian food! I love small, family owned places. They have so much charm, and are usually better than chain restaurants! I had the Chicken Francese, and my boyfriend had the Eggplant Parm. . .both were amazing! Be sure to save room for a Cannoli!


On the way back to the car, we stumbled across a Gentleman's boutique called Dash's. Owned by Victor Dash, Dash's is truly a unique find. It is not often you find such a captivating men's boutique. Dash's carries mostly Italian made suits, ties, cashmere sweaters, coats and scarves! It reminded me of an old English boutique, and the window display is captivating. I learned quite a bit from Mr. Dash as well, so check back to see pictures and read more!

I can't wait to go back and explore more of Alexandria! I know I have a lot of DC readers. . .so if you have a favorite spot in Alexandria leave a comment about it so others can visit it!

Friday, January 2, 2009

9 New Trends for 2009!

A New Year means a lot of New Trends in fashion . . . and out with some old trends. Here are my top predictions for fashion in 2009! I'm listing them now, and look for expanded entries about each trend over the coming weeks. . .with more detail and examples.

2009 Trend #1: RED -- I believe that RED will be a hot color for 2009. Starting off in the Spring as a Fuchsia Red. . .and transforming into more of a Brick Red for the Fall.

2009 Trend #2: Bold Accessories -- Accessories were bold this fall, but expect even more over-the-top jewelry and shoes for 2009. The bigger the better with jewelry, and watch for overly ornate, statement shoes as well.

2009 Trend #3: Decorative zippers -- no more hidden zippers; now zippers are used as a decorative detail. From exposed, to contrasting fabric trim, zippers will be a focal point for the back of shirts as well as dresses.

2009 Trend #4: High Waisted -- I know this was a trend in 2008, however it is taking a change for 2009. Instead of tight high-waisted skirts, pants and shorts - the trend is shifting towards loose, voluminous bottoms that are belted at the waist.

2009 Trend #5: Structured Mini-Skirts -- Hemlines are short for spring. . .but a tight mini-skirt is out. This Spring the mini-skirt is all about volume and structure, made of heavier fabrics which hold their shape.

2009 Trend #6: Ruffles, Tucks and Pleats -- Detailing will add interest to clothing. Look for details such as large ruffles, pin-tucking and pleats.

2009 Trend #7: Oversize floral prints -- Large floral prints were noticeable on the runway this season. Look for large floral prints on skirts, dresses and blouses this season.

2009 Trend #8: 70's Inspired -- Look for 70's inspired colors, shapes and fabrics in clothing this year.

2009 Trend #9: Rompers -- Rompers and jumpers graced the runway for Spring. . .and can be a VERY difficult look to pull off. Remember, just because it's a trend. . .doesn't mean it's for you!