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Friday, April 9, 2010

White Noise. . .

A constant topic of debate in fashion is the age-old rule of "No white before Easter or after Labor Day." Regardless of your personal opinion on the matter, it is after Easter, therefore everyone can enjoy a new spring dress in white!

A white dress is one of those staples that every woman should have in her wardrobe. You can wear it bare, or layer it up with different colors and textures depending on the weather. White offers up a blank slate for accessories and color, or looks crisp when worn alone.


Wear for work: 1, 6, 7

Date night: 2, 5, 8

Casual Cool: 4, 7, 9

Trendy Textures: suede: 10 leather: 3

Favorite colors to try with white:

1. Black: When in doubt, black & white is always a fashionable and chic combination.

2. Metallic: Gold and silver look great which white in the summer.

3. Turquoise: Love this color mixed with white.

4. Coral: Another fun color to warm up a white ensemble on a warm summer evening.

A few rules to follow when donning a white frock:

1. Watch the undergarments: some women don't realize that it is nude under garments that should be worn under white clothing, and not white undergarments. Furthermore -- if you are wearing a tight white dress, where Spanx to hide any unflattering bulges or, eh hem, cellulite.

2. If you think it might be too see through, it is - and there is nothing that cheapens a look faster. Easily solve this problem with pant pockets by having them cut out and sewn shut.

3. Keep it crisp and wrinkle free. Be-friend your dry cleaners.

4. Get a tan. . .but not a fake one. Self tanner + White = potentially embarrassing situation. If you have fair skin, wait until a little later in the season and be sure to sweep some bronzer on your cheeks, collar bone and shoulders.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Working Girl

The days are getting longer and the weather is heating up. . .to me this means one thing: Spring Dresses! After months of winter full of dark colors and heavy clothing I anxiously await those first few warm spring days when I can step out sans tights in a floaty spring dress. In honor of the warming weather and impending Easter, I am dedicating this week to dresses. Each day I will highlight some of my favorite dress choices this season for a variety of needs. Then check back next week to see how I turn some of my favorites into an entire outfit!

Today I will start with dresses for work. With more and more offices turning to a more casual look, women have a much larger selection of clothing to choose from for the office. It is important, though, no matter how casual your office might be that you do remain work appropriate. This can be done through choosing appropriate fabrics, fit and cut.

Row 2: DVF, Eliza J
Row 3: BCBG, Anthropologie

Wide hips? Try: Yellow Eliza J, Red Marc Jacobs
Straight Figure? Try: DVF, Print Eliza J, BCBG
Belly? Try: Julie Brown

Fabrics: Choose more sophisticated fabrics, such as silks, structured cottons. . . .even a jersey fabric can be great in a structured wrap dress, especially for those who travel.

Fit: Nothing too tight, too short or too low cut are all obvious. But what about nothing too loose? Wear your dresses fitted, even a floaty style should graze your curves, not swallow you like a trash bag.

Cut: Think tailored, structured and sophisticated.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Toast to Taupe

In the past few seasons, nail color has been just as important as any other fashion element. In '06 there was the gothic movement with shades of black, then '08 brought a slew of neon nails in electric pinks, yellows and oranges. Most recently for '09 was a surprising twist with an unexpected shade of jade green.

It's time to get sophisticated with this year grown up shade of taupe polish, the perfect compliment to springs subtle neutrals, pretty pastels and soft tones. Taupe has a way of blending in to any outfit, while still adding an element of sophistication, more than, say, the basic light pink polish.

As with most nail polish trends, this one debuted on Chanel's Spring 2010 runway show, with models showing of this mushroom-y shade. Other nail polish brands have taken note, and now there are variety of options to chose from.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pantone is the world leader for colors, not just for fashion, but for graphic design and interiors as well. Fashion designers use Pantone's color system to specify colors they use in their collection. Each season Pantone releases color swatches of the selected colors for the upcoming season.

From Pantone comes the color forcast for Spring/Summer 2010:

Designers bring splashes of sunshine to the runway for spring 2010. Vibrant brights add a sense of excitement to the color palette, while practical neutrals provide a safety net for cautious consumers.

“Now more than ever, women are vigilant when it comes to spending,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. “Instead of reinventing their wardrobe at the start of each season, consumers want pieces to complement what they already own. Pairing a bold color with a basic piece or freshening up their look with bright accents addresses the need for practicality, as well as fun.”

Spring and summer naturally evoke feelings of calm ocean waters and tranquil beach vacations
in cool, vibrant, tropical Turquoise. This soothing hue from the blue-green family conjures feelings of escape, especially when paired with Amparo Blue. With more warmth than the typical spring navy, this particular shade of blue is extremely appealing because of its brighter, more energetic attitude.

Like the scent of a blossoming flower,
Violet lends a romantic air to the warm-weather palette. This intriguing purplish hue is a distinctive addition to any wardrobe.

Yellow has made its mark on fashion and spring will further this trend with gleaming Aurora.
Reminiscent of the first glimpse of yellow as the sun begins to rise over the horizon, this shimmering, slightly greenish yellow adds a bold infusion.

Energy continues to surge throughout the warmer hues of spring, leading to provocative Fusion
Coral. This inviting orange connects directly to tangy Tomato Purée, this season’s classic red. Pair it with Turquoise for a retro look.

Thoughtful, cautious neutrals provide a dependable backbone to the brights of spring. Kick back and enjoy the bubbly luxury of Pink Champagne. This delicate, wispy tint is the season’s newest neutral. The melding of Pink Champagne, Tomato Purée and Amparo Blue is a refreshing take on the classic springtime combination of red, white and blue.

Three additional neutrals round out the palette. Tuscany, a warm beige hue, provides the perfect backdrop and works well as a solid base color with dynamic accents like Fusion Coral or Violet. Dried Herb is the ultimate green neutral, pairing well with all other colors. Ideal for bigger ticket items, cool Eucalyptus is the eternal, practical gray. Choose this nuanced neutral and add brightly colored exclamation points in shoes, jewelry and handbags.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

10 Trends for 2010

While many parts of the country are experiencing the lowest temperatures in decades, it is already time to look ahead towards Spring fashions. In fact, the fashion industry has already turned it's eyes towards Fall fashion. . .giving new meaning to the phrase "that's so last year".

So what does Spring fashion hold for us? What trends will linger, and what new trends will surface? Keep reading below to find my 10 trends for Spring 2010. Then continue to check back weekly to find each trend explored in more depth with examples of my favorite finds.

10 Trend for Spring 2010

1. Lusty Lingerie - Lingerie isn't just for the bedroom. . .this sassy trend makes it appearance every few years, but it takes careful planning to pull of the underwear as outerwear trend.

2. Peek-A-Boo - Perfectly placed cut-outs, mesh and sheer fabrics dominated runways, making for a PG-rated peep show.

3. Short Shorts - just when we thought hemlines couldn't get any shorter. . .they did. Now more than ever it is crucial to hit the gym and get those gams ready for short season.

4. Metallics- Sequins, paillettes and metallic sheen are on the menu for spring. Careful of quality to keep this look luxe instead of cheap.

5. Structured Ruffles - This girly trend has been one that keeps finding it's spot in fashion. This season look for more controlled, manicured ruffles.

6. Feathers - Another trend from fall, feathers make a bigger splash this season. Wear with care to avoid adding bulk to areas that might not need it.

7. Jewelry, Jewelry, Jewelry - The perfect, easy way to update any ensemble, bigger and bolder jewelry can make the simplest of outfits stand out.

8. Slouchy Trousers - High-waisted, belted and loose is the way to wear pants for Spring. Gauzy fabrics give this look movement.

9. Prints - Tribal, abstract, floral and graphic. . .prints are the fabric of choice for Spring.

10. Neutrals - A refreshing change from the dark colors of fall, light neutral shades of nudes, grays and whites dominate Spring.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Spring Fever

Spring may not be here just yet. . .but it is all I can think about these days! I am checking daily to see when it will begin to warm up enough to bust out my Spring clothes! One of my favorite things about Spring is the dresses! Not only are they pretty, and flattering, but they are such an easy outfit! No mixing and matching tops and bottoms, just throw on a dress, jewelry and heels and go.

Another great thing about dresses is that they can easily go from the office to cocktail hour. Depending on the conservativeness of you office, a dress can be a great option for Spring. When wearing a dress to the office there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Make sure you aren't showing too much skin: this means leg, chest and back! It's okay to wear a sleeveless dress if you throw a cardigan or jacket over it for the office.

2. Make sure it's not too tight.

3. Make sure the material is appropriate. Don't wear casual fabrics to the office unless you have a casual dress code.

All of the dresses below are appropriate for the office (depending on your office dress code) with a cardigan or jacket, and can go strait from the office to drinks, dinner or dancing after!


1. Anthropologie Dress: I love this dress and think it can be great for day and night! For work wear with a colorful cardigan, black heels and sophisticated jewelry. For night change into fun heels, colorful jewelry, and a clutch and you are ready to go!

2. Shoshanna Yellow Dress: Another great dress! This doesn't require a cardigan for work unless your dress code doesn't allow shoulders to show. In that case throw on a black jacket or cardigan. For shoes go with a neutral heel. For cocktail hour throw on a chunky bangle and a patterned heel, or even go with pink!

3. Suzi Chin: I'm typically not one for floral, but this year I can't get enough of flowing floral chiffon dresses. For the office: yellow cardigan, neutral heel.

4. Milly Dress: This dress may be stretching the boundary of office appropriate. . .but I loved it. . .so I had to put it on here!

5. Banana Republic Dress: The structure and sleeves to this dress make it appropriate for just about any office. There is no need to add a cardigan or jacket, just wear with nude shoes so as to not fight the graphic pattern of the dress. For evening throw on a metallic sandal and some bangles.

6. JCrew Dress: This dress would look great with a slim fit, 2 button blazer and nude pumps for the office. For night lose the blazer, add a gold bracelet and metallic heels and you are done!

7. Bebe Dress: Add a cardigan or 2 button blazer to this dress for the office. Pair with black heels a simple jewelry. You may also need to add a camisole under the dress to avoid showing too much cleavage. For night loose the camisole and cardigan, slip into some strappy sandals and add a chunky statement necklace.

8. JCrew Dress: I'm not sure if this dress would work with a cardigan or not due to the high neckline. This dress is appropriate for those in a more creative field with a lax dress code due to the bare shoulders. Pair with pumps for the office and sandals for cocktail hour.