Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tantalizing Trend #2: Leather

Channel your inner biker babe this fall by sneaking a few pieces of leather into your wardrobe. Leather pants, jackets, and even dresses, are popping up in a variety of stores. For those animal lovers, there is even a variety of very well executed faux leather - not to be confused with the not so fondly named, pleather. Express clothing has aptly named their line of faux leather: (minus the) leather.

Whatever your preference is, there is something available for everyone's taste. For the less adventurous, work a leather pencil skirt, worn leather jacket, or knit and leather sweater into your wardrobe.

Take leather to the next level by donning a metallic leather mini, or a leather jacket complete with studs, zippers and chains. Experiment with mixing different textures and elements to create a truly interesting ensemble that is sure to turn a few heads.



Leather Pants said...

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