Friday, September 4, 2009

Oh Blog, How I Have Missed You

I have a confession. . .I have been a bad blogger. I let my poor little blog fall to the wayside, while focusing on a larger project.

In May I took a position as the Fashion Editor for EF Magazine, an online Atlanta based fashion magazine. Not only was the magazine Atlanta based, but it had a strictly Atlanta focus. Every person, boutique and designer featured in the magazine was local to Atlanta, which was a nice change from the many Atlanta fashion magazines who lack the strict Atlanta focus.

With a team consisting of a wonderful editor, bookings editor, and graphic coordinator - we were able to grow the magazine to over 100 pages of fabulous-ness. Unfortunately, the magazine industry is currently an unsteady one, and the owners put the project on hold for now.

Having just wrapped up the September issue, I am now moving on to more exciting endeavors, and will keep you all updated as I go.

In the meantime, I am back to my blog in full force, and could not possibly be more excited about the upcoming season of flashy fall fashion!