Monday, September 7, 2009

Tantalizing Trend #1: SEQUINS!

Oh how I adore sequins! For Fall, luster, shine and glitz are on the menu, and sequins are the main course. Dazzling the runways, sequins show up on everything from shoes to coats and everything in-between.


If you fit into the more conservative sector, a sequin embellished cardigan or sparsely sequined top may be the best fit for you. Accessories also offer up and quick, easy a less over-the-top way to work this trend into an everyday wardrobe.

For those with a little more gusto, slip into a full sequin dress for evening, or even a sequin skirt for day. Dress it down with a casual tee or chunky knit sweater for a simple, thrown together kind of look.

Now, the all out fashionista will find even more excitement in sequins this season. I for one am dieing to snatch up a pair of black sequin leggings! The options are endless with the bountiful sequin options, and I am quite afraid that by the end of this season, my closet may begin to look a bit like a costume room for cirque-du-soleil: but I have to admit that I am okay with that.

A general rule with this sparkling trend is to approach with care. If unsure how to wear it right, stick with black or metallic sequins, and not brightly colored rainbow ones. This will keep your look chic and sophisticated, instead of product of the 80's. Finally, remember to experiment with adding a variety of textures such as velvet, leather and wool to your ensemble.