Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Years for any budget!

Top designers set the trends for each coming season. Lesser known, mass producing designers then pull from these looks to create their collections. Although the designer look is typically more favorable than the cheaper creation, most budgets don't allow for designer wear. Here we have The Look, and The Look for Less - New Years Edition!


COST: approx. $32,000

Using this STUNNING Zac Posen Dress as inspiration, I created a beautiful look, coming in at top dollar. Even without the jewelry, this look still comes in at around $4000. 

The detailing on the dress draws the eye in and up to the face. I LOVE the way this dress hugs the body and creates interest. I selected this winter white Fendi coat as a good compliment with its sleek, clean lines. By selecting accessories that are bold, but not overbearing, the overall look is very chic and is sure to get a lot of attention on New Years!


This look is a great alternative to the previous, and much more budget friendly! The dress has many of the same characteristics as the Posen dress, pulling the eye in and to the face. Similarly, this coat has chic, clean lines and a hidden zipper so as to not compete with the dress. I'm a little iffy on this clutch, and may suggest a metallic fabric bag as an alternative. The shoes add a little sparkle, without being too overbearing! Wear this look with confidence New Years Eve and you are sure to win Best Dressed!

Although my favorite is obviously the more expensive look, the second look is beautiful too! If you budget allows, of course splurge on the first look, at least the dress and coat. However, most of us don't have an extra $4000 laying around for one night. The second look is beautiful too, and you will be SURE to turn a lot of heads when you walk in the door!