Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I want it, and I want it delivered!!!

I just stumbled across the most amazing game at Shop Intuition: The Fashion Rule's Game. Created by the Margaret Maldonado Agency, The Fashion Rules Game tests the players knowledge about what is happening, past and present, in the world of fashion, celebrity and design.  This very well could be the Monopoly for fashionistas! Hopefully Santa will bring me this for Christmas! 


According to Shop Intuition's website: " This fashion trivia board game will delight fashionistas and style tyros alike. Fashion rules is a unique, fast paced, smart board game built around the love of all things relating to style. The board game tests player's knowledge what's happening, past and present, in the world of fashion, celebrity, design. Fashion Rules was created by the Margaret Maldonado Agency - the West Coast's most esteemed agency for wardrobe stylists, hair stylists, makeup artists, photographers, and up-and-coming designers. Includes four shopping bags, collectible high heels, scissors, sunglasses, mirror figurines and golden dice."


Of course the game comes with the semi-hefty price tag of $100. . . and as of yet I could not find it available on I hope the game doesn't disappoint!