Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Toast to Taupe

In the past few seasons, nail color has been just as important as any other fashion element. In '06 there was the gothic movement with shades of black, then '08 brought a slew of neon nails in electric pinks, yellows and oranges. Most recently for '09 was a surprising twist with an unexpected shade of jade green.

It's time to get sophisticated with this year grown up shade of taupe polish, the perfect compliment to springs subtle neutrals, pretty pastels and soft tones. Taupe has a way of blending in to any outfit, while still adding an element of sophistication, more than, say, the basic light pink polish.

As with most nail polish trends, this one debuted on Chanel's Spring 2010 runway show, with models showing of this mushroom-y shade. Other nail polish brands have taken note, and now there are variety of options to chose from.


Anonymous said...

I like this color a lot more than that goth look last trashy. I think I could actually handle this shade! Thanks for the tip!

Seattle DUI lawyer said...

I love this color. Love pairing it with neutrals and light pinks. :)