Thursday, January 28, 2010

Big Bird at the State of the Union?

Who knew that Hillary Clinton would be such a trend setter on Capitol Hill? Famous for her collection of yellow suits, it seems that although Hilary was nowhere to be found, her suits did make an attendance at Tuesday nights State of the Union Address.

While I applaud the women of DC for attempting to break out of the uniform of a black or navy suit, with pantyhose and closed toe pumps, no one ever suggested that canary yellow was the answer. A boring, boxy suit in yellow, or even purple or red for that matter, is still no more flattering than a black one.

I can admit that their are still many careers that require a polished, professional suit to be worn, but fashion designers have become wise to this and created many figure flattering, detailed suits that are still somewhat fashionable. So, women of Capitol Hill, in a city that is quickly turning into a fashion focused one, please heed this advice and invest in some of the suits pictured below.


Suit Tips:

1. Suit jackets should hit no lower than your hips. Anything longer is reminiscent of the suits worn by Lisa Turtle on 90's sitcom "Saved by the Bell."

2. If you are petite, a cropped jacket that is a little shorter in length will lengthen your leg line, making you appear taller.

3. A swing jacket is a great alternative to your standard blazer, and adds interest to an otherwise boring suit.

4. Look for suits that "nip in" at the waist to give you more shape.

5. Consider purchasing suit separates, they often have a better fit, and you can mix and match pieces together, creating a more modern take on the suit.

6. When wearing a neutral suit add a pop of color with a silk blouse or button up shirt.

7. If you are busty a 3-button jacket it the best option for you, anyone else will be more flattering in 2- and 1-button jackets.

8. If you must wear stockings with your skirts please DO NOT wear sheer panty hose in tan, white, or any other light color. Instead opt for an opaque tight, or a black sheer or patterned pantyhose.

8. 2 chic ways to update a suit: belts (thick or skinny), skinny pants



I love classy looks like this!