Friday, September 17, 2010

JCREW Factory Store Online Opens

My inbox was abuzz this morning with news of JCREW's newest venture - opening up their Factory Store Online - but opening on weekends only. It's a website, isn't it easy for it to be open all the time? Yes. . .but that would not make it is exciting now would it?

I've popped into the JCREW Factory Store from time to time when I'm up that way, as most of them are usually off the beaten path. . .and have always been rather disappointed. I've found that the pricing isn't really that great, and the clothing isn't made as well as it's pricey partner.

Many of you might already know, but JCREW Factory is not just last seasons JCREW on sale, it is cheaper replica's of JCREW favorites that are mass produced to be sold exclusively at the JCREW Factory. This means not only cheaper materials, but also poor fit.

This is not to say I write the Factory Store off completely, from time to time I have found a great swimsuit or coat on sale, or found a silk top that I had yearned for at JCREW before it was discontinued. . .but more often than not they don't have the correct sizing either.

So now onto the Factory Store Online - I must say I was rather disappointed. It wasn't even cheaper than JCREW's sale! I found a shirt on there (the tissue tiers tank), which I purchased at JCREW in July on sale for around $15, it's on the Factory Store for $26, in the same exact color!

Check out this comparison below:

above: Kelsey JCREW Blouse - $39.99 below: Kelsey JCREW Factory Blouse - $48.50

Both blouses are the Kelsey ruffle blouse - now the one on sale at JCREW Online are more of summer colors, but with a blouse like this there is nothing wrong with buying off season, it will come back around in spring. Or you can match it with dark cardigans for fall.

The one from the Factory Store Online comes in more fall related colors, but is actually MORE expensive than it's better made counterpart at JCREW.

I did see a few cute jewelry items all under $20, which would be worth purchasing, but other than that I was left underwhelmed by the Factory Store, and when I'm looking for a deal from JCREW I'll stick to their Final Sale.


Lela said...

What a dream. J Crew has so stepped it up...I love it, actually. :)

Lela London

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