Friday, April 9, 2010

White Noise. . .

A constant topic of debate in fashion is the age-old rule of "No white before Easter or after Labor Day." Regardless of your personal opinion on the matter, it is after Easter, therefore everyone can enjoy a new spring dress in white!

A white dress is one of those staples that every woman should have in her wardrobe. You can wear it bare, or layer it up with different colors and textures depending on the weather. White offers up a blank slate for accessories and color, or looks crisp when worn alone.


Wear for work: 1, 6, 7

Date night: 2, 5, 8

Casual Cool: 4, 7, 9

Trendy Textures: suede: 10 leather: 3

Favorite colors to try with white:

1. Black: When in doubt, black & white is always a fashionable and chic combination.

2. Metallic: Gold and silver look great which white in the summer.

3. Turquoise: Love this color mixed with white.

4. Coral: Another fun color to warm up a white ensemble on a warm summer evening.

A few rules to follow when donning a white frock:

1. Watch the undergarments: some women don't realize that it is nude under garments that should be worn under white clothing, and not white undergarments. Furthermore -- if you are wearing a tight white dress, where Spanx to hide any unflattering bulges or, eh hem, cellulite.

2. If you think it might be too see through, it is - and there is nothing that cheapens a look faster. Easily solve this problem with pant pockets by having them cut out and sewn shut.

3. Keep it crisp and wrinkle free. Be-friend your dry cleaners.

4. Get a tan. . .but not a fake one. Self tanner + White = potentially embarrassing situation. If you have fair skin, wait until a little later in the season and be sure to sweep some bronzer on your cheeks, collar bone and shoulders.


Yary and Sary said...

love it!
i freaking love white(:

Genna Harris said...

White dresses are so fabulous and command attention but require confidence. That Halston dress is one for the history books. Great post :)

-Genna from fab'rik

Genna Harris said...

Thought of you when this was sent to my email inbox today!

-Genna @ fab'rik

Lauryn said...

Thanks Genna! I love that Halston dress. . .it's the ideal versatile dress. Easily dressed up or down with the right accessories!