Friday, October 2, 2009

Tantalizing Trend #4: Boyfriend Wear

It started with boyfriend cardigans, then the boyfriend blazer was introduced. With the appearance of the boyfriend jean on the fashion scene, it's pretty clear that boyfriend wear is a definite trend this season. 


Row 1: Aqua Satin Blazer   Zoa Tee     

So what exactly is boyfriend wear? Boyfriend wear is clothing made to be a little roomy, and cut more for mans shape. This isn't saying to go out and borrow your boyfriends clothes, unless you pretty much wear the same size. Clothing made to be "boyfriend wear" is still cut with a female in mind, and unlike your boyfriends clothes, shouldn't look sloppy on. 

The great thing about this trend is that is a comfortable, fashion forward way to do casual. Throwing on any element of boyfriend wear is a great way to dress down any outfit; even a cocktail dress becomes more casual when worn with a boyfriend blazer or cardi. 

The key to pulling off this casual trend is mixing boyfriend wear with feminine, fitted elements. If you are wearing slouchy boyfriend jeans add a fitted cashmere sweater on top. Likewise, an over-sized boyfriend shirt looks fierce with skinny jeans or leggings.